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My NSRA Nats Home Page
(photos from other years, etc)
NSRA Street Rod Nationals, Louisville, Kentucky, August 3-6, 2000
Photos on this page taken Friday 4-Aug-2000.   To Sundays photos.   More info below.
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The National Street Rod Assoc puts on this shindig, and it will be at the Ky State Fairgrounds thru 2010.   NSRA is devoted to vehicles 1948 and older, however, folks from all over show up in almost everything imaginable just cruising Louisville, outside the main show at the Fairgrounds.   On Friday and Saturday nites, there is normally an informal, free, car show of all makes and years.   It's usually at Indian Trails Shopping Center, on Preston Hwy South.   Lots of vehicles for sale both at the Fairgrounds, and all over Louisville, anything from VW dune-buggys to 55 Chevies to late model Mustangs and Camaros, etc.   Photos 60-68 on this page were taken at Joes, on Preston Hwy, on Friday nite. (Joe's is now closed).

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This page created 7-Aug-2000, updated 29-Jun-2003.

All photos here taken by Brian Harney, with an Olympus D360L digital camera, set on 1280x960 superVGA
mode with no compression, and then resized down, usually to 640x480 or thereabouts.